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Thank you for your visit and we’re glad that, YOU’re here to know more about www.elifeglobal.com. We will give you a brief idea about our website in our own way. Please go through few lines below to understand something about this NEW VENTURE.


E-Life Global website is a product of ELGZONE IT SOLUTIONS (P) Ltd.

You can have a look at www.elgzone.com to know more about the company.


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a supporting Mobile application for www.elifeglobal.com

One of the most awaited Application ever.

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This is a user friendly application for shopping and selling online. We are introducing very new features first time on App to make the e-commerce mobile friendly.

A website for promoting & serving everything – http://www.elifeglobal.com

​Created a new trendy e-commerce website with various online marketing and information sharing options.Definitely useful for common people and businesses to achieve their goals.

Make-in-India – Our Inspiration

We are launching in India and we are inspired by the “Make-in-India” concept of Central Government. Our aim is to redefine the Online shopping eCommerce through elifeglobal in India and abroad.

How this will be helpful for You as a common man :

The following thoughts and issues faced in our daily life, pave the way for finding a better solution.  Finally a BETA version of the solution derived through elifeglobal.com.

Do you face any of the following issues or problems in your life ?  If so, you can find at least some solution for those issues through elifeglobal.com.


  1. Did you ever wish to have someone to help you on any of the following situations?  To Find:
  • A helping hand on any emergency situations, like bring some items for house needs, deliver documents of office, bring a taxi, find a service centre etc.
  • A better reasonable service provider for your business.
  • The price of a product in the whole market.
  • A shop where you can get a particular product.
  • For paying your utility bills on time without waiting on ques.
  • A taxi while you were on a lonely place.
  • Any household or office related service provider.
  • A solution to look after your household matters in home country, like, pay tax, utility bills, collect rent, pay insurance, submit government papers etc.
  • Someone to extend a helping hand for your parents and grand parents in home country, by providing a routine supply of day to day requirements, help them to travel, visit hospital, buy their requirements and deliver, pay utility bills, insurance, monthly instalments etc.
  • To sell or buy property or such kind of activities.
  • To run your business in home country.

The above are some situations we wished to have someone to help us.

We could not find any solution for this.  In short, this lead to start www.elifeglobal.com



e-Life Global.com is a platform for all businesses and services around us.  We introduce this as a space for promoting and serving all.  Now a days only techies can do business through internet. But here everyone can do their business without any tech knowledge.  Our team will do everything for you to promote your business and services through e-Life Global.

You can find everything around your City or any other City where we are live.
e-LIFE GLOBAL is a place for all to find products, services, shops, news, classifieds, advertisements, events, offers, governments announcements, contact details of all shops, establishments, offices, service centres  and everything around you. In short you can find everything for your daily life through e-LIFE GLOBAL.

Our policy is give and take.  Our approach towards the community is friendly and not business oriented.  Most of our services are free of cost and everybody can enjoy the facilities without any hidden process.

e-Life Global will become the most powerful media, where every needs of the community can be achieved within seconds.

We will explore the city where you are living and make everything in the city available to you through e-Life Global.

All local businesses will get a platform for their business growth and expand their business horizon.

E-Life Global is a product of ELGZONE IT SOLUTIONS (P) Ltd.  We are launching another product eprofilezone.com for job seekers employers and also for professionals to introduce themselves through e-Profile.

Hope we can do a better service to the community with the support of all.

e-Life Global  concept is very simple
Life, Health, Business and Wealth Planning through MOBILE
Future global life is through e-Life Global
Mobiles can do everything fast through internet
ELG App will be the Future App for all
Expanding the freedom of life from Metro to Village

ELGZONE IT SOLUTIONS (P)Ltd is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 in Kerala, India.

Presently ELGZONE IT PLATFORMS serves the following websites and mobile applications to the public:

www.elifeglobal.com    AeCommerce website with online shopping and promotion network.

www.eprofilezone.com  A website for creating online Resumes/Bio data with an online job search portal.

www.elgzone.com   Company website with all products and details.

www.elgapp.com  A separate website to know more about the ELG-ApP.

ELG App – Mobile Application  available for download from Apple Store and Google Play Store.